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With a lifetime of experience in the music and entertainment industry,  we understand how overwhelming it can be to try and find the perfect entertainment for your wedding day. Using this extensive experience, we’ve developed Love & Other Entertainment - a one-stop-shop for your wedding entertainment. Need a world class DJ to spin all the best floor fillers? Perhaps a soloartist to strum your favourite love songs during the ceremony? Or maybe you’d like to book our full five-piece house band For The First Time, composed of some of the country’s most sought after session musicians, to get every single guest up and dancing. Whatever your vision, we have you covered. There’s even a sax player! 

Marc has worked in the entertainment and music industry for the past 15 years in many incarnations; as an artist manager, tour manager, a marketing and entertainment manager, a festival organiser and a promoter - so he knows a thing or two when it comes to entertainment. Kyla has experience in musical and contemporary performance with  qualifications in classical music. Performing for most of her life, Kyla has worked professionally as a touring session vocalist and resident performer at Australia’s largest nightclub. As an artist her music has been added to commercial radio including Nova & Hit FM and has been streamed hundreds of thousands of times.

Love & Other can also provide all of the technical equipment required to make sure everyone can hear your vows loud and clear, there are enough mics for your speeches, that there won’t be a dry eye for your first dance, and can promise you that the music will have your guests out of their seats. Whatever your taste you can trust us when we say, the music will be good! All you need to do is kick off your shoes and dance the night away. 

Love & Other Entertainment
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